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Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club

Dinghy Race Programme produced by Sailing Secretary, Ian Scouler

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Race Calendar for 2018

Date  Race Start time Ht in M
18th March  Presidents Tankard  12:15 9.4
1st April  Commodores shield  13:10 9.7
15th April  Eric Page Trophy  12:10 9.2
29th April  Finn Lomax Trophy  12:10 9.3
13th May  Caldwell Cup  11:00 8.7
27th May  Hallaway Trophy  11:05 8.8
3rd June  Meacock Trophy  15:10 8.2
17th June  Burthem Trophy  15:10 9.3
1st July  Kelsall Cup  14:25 8.5
15th July  Shiloh decanter  14:10 9.7
29th July  Ladies Trophy  13:30 8.7
12th August  Mersey Basin  13:10 9.8
26th August  Novice Trophy  12:40 8.8
9th September  September Cup  12:05 9.6
23rd September  Junior Regatta  11:40 8.6
7th October  Farrell Trophy  11:00 9.2
14th October  Spare  15:30 8.6



Please make sure you do your Officer of the Day duty

Race Results

Race Results - The Caldwell Cup       Race Date: 13/04/201      Location:  Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club 

Pos                          Boat Name                                 Class                                   Helmed by 
1st                           Hummingbird                         Wayfarer world                             Phil Wishart       
2nd                               Laser                                      Laser                                   Ernie Griffiths
3rd                              Condor                                    Falcon                                 Rob McCulloch

The race was governed by light westerly breezes and a moderate tide. Whilst the lulls and gusts proved a challenge at some buoys - particularly that in the shade of the club Starting Hut - the wind prevailed for the full race. Wind, sun, blue skies and a good tide made perfect sailing conditions.

A big thank you to Gareth Colman for setting an interesting course as OD and to Craig & Ed for their steadfast Safety cover

The Finn Lomax race  29/04/2018

Pos                          Boat Name & Num                                 Class                                   Helmed by 
1st                              Harris hawk 64                                     Falcon                                  Ian Reading
2nd                             Stone Hawk 65                                     Falcon                                  Irvine & Platt
3rd                            Hummingbird 10397                          Wayfarer world                            Phil Wishart

Race Results: - The Commodores Shield  Race Date: 01/04/201 Location:  Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club

1st    153632                                Laser                               Helm    Alan Dodd
2nd   Harris Hawk                         Falcon                             Helm    Ian Reading
3rd    13966                                  Laser                              Helm    Ernie Griffiths

The new sailing season started with7 boats taking part in the first race, on a day that promised slight winds and no snow. The reality was that the tide was very gentle and the wind was very fickle in the early stages of this 5 mile race.   

The start went smoothly enough with the two Laser class boats make a classics start dueling with each other but ignoring the large field of Falcons  who all made poor starts due to the fickle wind. The wind aided the lighter boat for most of the race, with the tide turning earlier than expected it made for great difficulties in making the distant mark, this meant that local knowledge and skill came into its own.  The laser of Alan Dodd and the Falcon of Ian Reading managed to break the rest of the fleet and made the home line nearly together leaving a large gap between them and the next boats home.  Interesting afternoon of racing, and a good cobweb remover after a 6 month lay off.  

Thanks to Craig & Ed, Alex and Gareth for Safety Cover and Colin for OD duties, itís great to be back. Happy Easter. 

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