Starting boating activity and managing Covid-19 – see below

Dinghy Racing – Tidal Water Sailing
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The Government issued clarification on 13 May 2020 that “all forms of water sports practiced on open waterways, including sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, kayaking, surfing, paddle-boarding and the use of privately-owned motorised craft (in line with the guidance issued by the relevant navigation authority) are allowed”. We are delighted that recreational boating will once again be allowed at FFSC.

However, the effective eradication of Covid-19 relies on people taking individual and collective responsibility for each other’s safety. We need to take a considerate and conservative approach to our return to boating activities. We need to keep our members safe and need to ensure that the risk of an incident leading to support from emergency services is minimised.

You may now go on the water provided you adhere to the government guidance:

  • People may exercise outside as many times each day as they wish
  • You can only exercise with up to one person from outside your household  – this means you should not play team sports (FFSC take this to mean anything other than singlehanded sailing or kayaking), except with members of your own household.
  • At all times, you should continue to observe social distancing guidelines when you are outside your home, including ensuring you are 2 metres away from anyone outside your household. 
  • If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home – this is critical to staying safe and saving lives.
  • You must not gather in a group of more than two (excluding members of your own household)
  • Wash your hands regularly

Stick to our safety rules:

  • Only trained and authorised people to operate the winch
  • All persons must wear buoyancy aid or lifejacket, when on the water or the slip
  • All children to be supervised
  • Close the gates after you to deter members of the public from wandering in to the club

What’s not changing for now:

  • The clubhouse will not be open until such time as we are able to implement effective measures to maintain social distancing
  • Club racing will only re-start once the restriction on gatherings and sporting events has been lifted
  • No safety boat cover will be provided – members take to the water at their own risk

We understand that you’ll be keen to get out on the water as soon as possible, and we are going to do everything we can to help facilitate that, within the boundaries of keeping everyone as well protected as possible.

Please follow the rules; going boating as a sport is a privilege and if the authorities believe rules are not being followed or social distancing is not actively maintained we face a further lock down. Please “Stay Alert”.