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Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club

Dinghy Race Programme produced by Sailing Secretary, Ian Scouler
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Race Calendar for 2019



Date Race title


Height (M)
24th March Presidents Tankard 14:00 9.8
7th April Caldwell Cup  13:50 9.2
21st April Eric Page Trophy  13:50 9.8
5th May Finn Lomax Cup  12:50 9.2
19th May Ditchfield Trophy  12:45 9.5
2nd June Kelsall Cup  11:45 8.9
16th June Meacock Cup  12:30 8.9
30th June Novice Trophy  10:30 8.3
7th July Hallaway Cup  15:30 9.4
21st July Commodores Shield  15:10 8.4
4th August Women's Trophy  14:55 9.9
18th August Mersey Basin  14:15 8.8
1st Sept September Cup  13:50 9.9
15th Sept Burthem Trophy  12:45 9.0
29th Sept Farrell Trophy  12:45 10.0
13th October Spare  12:20 9.0


Race Results

Race Results: - The Caldwell Cup            Race Date: 07/04/2019…………

Location:  Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club

1st   Hummingbirds                  Wayfarer        Helm    Phil Wishart
2nd Stone Hawk                        Falcon          Helm    Dave Irving
3rd Harris Hawk                        Falcon           Helm    Ian Readin

   The 2nd race of new sailing season started with 8 boats taking part, today promised good winds and a strong tide. The reality was that the tide fairly gentle and the wind was very variable through out the whole of  this 6 mile race. 
   The start went smoothly enough with two Falcon class boats make a classics start, duelling with each other but ignoring the Wayfarer of Phil Wishart who flew past the pair to take an early lead to the first mark. At the first mark the Wayfarer successfully rounded ahead of Stone Hawk and Harris Hawk.  Dave Irving in Stone Hawk No 65 soon over took the Wayfarer and tried to pull away from the Wayfarer, but the conditions were in favour of the smaller boat under these conditions which made sure that Stone hawk  could not increase its lead. Stone Hawk held the lead on the race back to the finish line, a lead it managed to hold until the end of the race crossing the line first, Stone Hawk crossed the line 23 seconds in front of the Wayfarer, with the handicap system coming in to play Stone Hawk needed a lead of 58 Seconds, failing to do so handed the race to Phil Wishart in his Wayfarer Hummingbird. 
   A great battle with honours even. The rest of the fleet were soon crossing the line with the remainder of the  Falcons, Harris Hawk, Honey Buzzard and Cara Cara finishing some 2 minutes behind. The Solo of Mike Campbell gave a spirited performance to finish 5th on handicap, with the 2 GP 14 having their own battle. 
   Warm weather, bright sunshine made for a brilliant afternoon of sailing only made possible by Craig Hinkins & Ed Owens on Safety Cover  and Ian Skilling for OD duties, well done to everyone on a day,Caldwell cup  when it was it’s great to be out on the water.   Colin Howard, Vice Commodore

Race Results: - The Presidents Tankard                       Race Date: 24/03/2019…………

Location:  Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club

1st     Honey Buzzard                  Falcon                            Helm    Richard Corner
2nd   Cara cara                            Falcon                            Helm    Ernie Griffiths

Gusty just a little The new sailing season started with 5 boats trying to take part in this the first race of the 2019 season. The day promised very strong winds and difficult conditions. The reality was the predictions proved to be very accurate, taking out 3 boats before they reached the launching slip. 

The two remaining boats seemed to be managing the conditions well until 2 minutes before the start when Falcon Cara Cara No 45 sustained serious damage to her mast heel and immediately retired and was towed back, that left Honey Buzzard No 59 to race alone. The course of just over 6 miles was simple in format but completing it was far from easy. Serious gusts of 35mph made the crew have to work very hard to keep the boat level, managing it very well.  

Skipper Richard Corner said it probably was not the best days to test out the crew and boat in such a windy conditions, but to collect the first silver ware of the season made up for it and everyone enjoyed the ride. Hopefully the next race at will a little kinder. 

Thanks to Rob Colman for doing the race start, much appreciated Rob.  Colin & Ed for Safety Cover and Colin for overseeing the OD duties, it’s great to be back, (back on dry land!)

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